Stories about the Saudi culture to understand it more and about how everything different in Saudi is beautiful in its own way.

Driving in Saudi
Driving techniques and customs differ from one country to another. Even from one city to another in the same country. This difference is due to the map of the city, And […]

Driving in Saudi

Broasted meal
Broasted Chicken is not just pieces of fried chicken. It’s on of the most famous meals in Saudi. This meal can lead to serious health issues because of the way it’s […]

Broasted is not just fried chicken

Husband and wife in Walkway
Marriage is a huge deal in Saudi. It’s one of the main goals in life. actually, everyone you meet will ask you why aren’t you married. with the segregation between men and […]

Marriage via Twitter in 3 steps

Masoub without Banana
Masoub is a Yemeni plate, that have found it’s fame in Saudi. Loaded with Carb. and Cal. it makes a perfect breakfast. Also can work as a desert after Lunch […]

Masoub, The Power breakfast

Muhammad written in Arabic
Muhammad, You will hear this name everywhere in Saudi. Not because people are called Muhammad. But because if you don’t know someone’s name, you can just call him Muhammad. It’s […]

Muhammad, What’s your name ?!

Closed for prayer neon sign
If you want to live in Saudi you have to reschedule your day, because everything is closed for prayer. This means that stores close 5 times a day if they […]

Prayer closing time, “Sakkar Salah”

Elextrostatic shock from your hands
Electric shock, Every time i get out of my car i get a shock when touching the car door. I noticed this started happening to me when relocated to Riyadh. I […]

Electrostatic Shock in Riyadh

Saher camera will not be hidden anymore
Speeding tickets are taking all your money?! Saudi Radar System “Saher” is one of the best in the region. This is to enforce a strong hand, and control the high […]

3 tips to avoid speeding tickets