Saher camera will not be hidden anymore

3 tips to avoid speeding tickets

Speeding tickets are taking all your money?! Saudi Radar System “Saher” is one of the best in the region. This is to enforce a strong hand, and control the high number of road accidents. Saudi ranks 2nd among the Arabs and 23rd in the world in number of death from car accidents.

That’s why we never recommend anyone to speed over the limits or drive through a red light.

Also Using phone during driving is one of the major reasons of Accidents in the Kingdom.

But Living in Saudi you will notice that some drivers avoid speeding tickets using the below methods;

  1. They drive in roads/areas that they are sure that has no Saher in it
  2. Other drivers follow the first drivers and benefit from their expertise to slow in radar regions
  3. The third type is the smart ones that use mobile applications like Waze to locate the radars and avoid them.

However all those drivers get speeding tickets. According to the Saudi law driving license could be held according to number of fouls made by the driver.

And according Saudi Gazette The Saher cameras will not be concealed any more

Please drive safely and don’t violate traffic rules as they are made for your own good.

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