Beaches in Saudi

The Best Vacation Beaches in Saudi Arabia

The Best Vacation Beaches in Saudi Arabia

Beach is the best summer getaway. Saudi Arabia has been in the spotlight in recent years as the country has taken strides to boost tourism and bring people from around the world to the local beaches. If you have never vacationed in Saudi Arabia, now is the perfect time to do so.

Beaches in Saudi

You can just watch the beach

Beach Safety Tips

Taking a trip to the beach is always a fun adventure. Whether you like to hop on a board and hit the waves or you prefer lounging in the sun a while to catch some rays, nothing compares to the utter relaxation that a body feels after spending a few hours skipping around in the sand. Before you hit the beach, however, you need to keep a few safety tips in mind to make sure your body stays safe during your visit.


It may be sunny and hot in Saudi Arabia, but you never know when a storm may be brewing on the horizon. Check the weather before you head to the sand and you won’t have to chance worrying if a storm should suddenly pop up.


Your ability in the water is going to be key to how far you can wade in and cool off. If you don’t fare well in a swimming pool, you need to respect the ocean and avoid wading into a water level you can’t handle well. The ocean is majestic but can be deadly for those who don’t pay attention to the waves, current and depth of the water around them. Swim with a buddy even if you swim like a pro.


It only takes one bad sunburn when you are young to increase your overall risk of skin cancer (Melanoma) as you age. Be sure to use sunscreen, and wear a good pair of nitrile gloves to apply it so the lotion won’t get on your fingers and accidentally come into contact with your eyes. It’s also wise to wear a hat and sit under an umbrella or tent when the sun is out. Sure, a glowing tan may look great, but skin safety far outweighs the bronzing action that will surely fade over time.


Dehydration happens more than most would think and it happens quite a bit at the beach. Be sure to carry plenty of water and juicy snacks with you when you pack your beach bag, and hydrate often to prevent energy drains and overall heat exhaustion caused from your body lacking a good fluid intake.


Beaches You Should Check Out

Now that you have a few key safety tips in mind, you need to determine which Saudi beach you want to check out first. There are numerous beaches in this vibrant country and it’s not easy to narrow down the best since each one offers something special to visitors. However, here are three with the highest ratings from tourists over the last year.


Fanar beach Jubail

Al Fanateer Beach in Jubail

Al Fanateer Beach in Al Jubail

Al Fanateer is a beautiful beach with access for tourists and residents alike. You’ll find spectacular waves, amazing white sand and palm trees and plenty of space to ride a bike, lounge under your umbrella while watching the water roll in and even take a quick jog while enjoying the peaceful serenity around you. Located in Al Jubail, this is a beach worth checking out on your next Saudi adventure.

Yanbu beach Yanbu

In the quiet city of Yanbu, there is few that you can do

Yanbu Al-Bahr Beach in Yanbu

Yanbu-Al Bahr Beach is a unique beach because it is lined with lush green foliage and beautiful sand for miles. With great areas for swimming and even fishing, this beach is highly recommended by the locals and one that is worth a visit. Kiteboarding, as well as surfing, are popular water sports in Saudi Arabia and lots of fun to try. There are several beautiful resorts and spas located right on the shoreline and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the most pristine blue waters and soft sand as you lounge for hours daily by the water. Be sure to take time to splash around as the water feels great on a hot and sunny day.

Half Moon Beach in Khobar

Beaches do exist in Saudi

Half Moon Beach in Al Khobar

Looking for the perfect beach to sit back and relax? Half Moon Beach in Al Khobar has your name written in the sand and is waiting on your next vacation to show you the quiet tranquility it offers. You will find a white sand shoreline, amazing blue water, and sunshine all day long. Speaking of sun, don’t forget to take your sunscreen and be prepared to have the time of your life as you engage in water sports including skiing, sailing, and surfing. Prefer the quieter side of life? Grab a comfortable lounge chair and spend a few hours sitting under your umbrella watching the surf and sand or take a romantic ride in a beach buggy and sit back and relax during the ride.

There are many great beaches in Saudi Arabia, but if you’re trying to narrow down your starting point, these are some of the most recommended by tourists as well as locals. Be sure to take time to plan your trip in advance and get to know the local area surrounding the beach during your visit. Once you arrive, it won’t take long at all to see what makes Saudi Arabia such a special place to spend a life.

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