Find a Job in Saudi

Finding a Job in Saudi

Jobs in Saudi are almost the best in the Gulf Area. Getting paid the best salaries. And you will enjoy living in one of the cheapest countries. But it’s not that easy to score a career in Saudi. In this article, I will elaborate some of the best practices that you could use to score a job in the land of camels.

In this life, Nothing comes easy

Jobs in Saudi, Pros, and Cons

Find a job in Saudi

Find a Job in Saudi

You will always find some stories about how life is hard in Saudi, but also there are stories about how some managed to save millions in just a couple of years.

So let us list some of the Pros and Cons of working in Saudi

    • Pros
      • Money, Money, Money
        • Saudi is one of the best-paid countries in the Middle east if you managed to score the right contract
      • Easy Market
        • Due to the barriers of opening a new business, Saudi market competition is one of the easiest. With half of the effort you do in Dubai, you will be achieving much more revenues in Saudi
      • Laid back working hours
        • However we can’t generalize anything in life, Retails and companies are obliged by law to give employees and workers breaks to perform prayer 5 times a day. Even if you are not Muslim you are still obliged to stop working during the prayer time.
      • High disposable income
        • With little entertainment options and limited ways to spend your money. You will end up each month with more money that you planned to

  • Cons
    • Less developed Market
      • Yes, It’s the same point in the Pros, an easy market maybe can give you more revenues, But the techniques used in any developed market will not always work well for an Easy market.
    • Cultural norms
      • Some might find it hard to get used to the way of living in Saudi. Profissional culture and community is totally different from what you will find in any other country (Keep checking for more insights about the culture)
    • Business owners
      • Again we are not generalizing, but some of the small companies owners tend to enforce not so fare rules on the employees

If you accept the above and still want to find a job in Saudi this is how you should do it.

Expats finding a job in Saudi

Expats working in Saudi

Scoring a job in Saudi;

You can’t just go to Saudi and search for a job.

To work in Saudi you must first have a sponsor. That’s why you must sign your contract in your home country. and then move to Saudi as a sponsored employee

To find a job opportunity and a sponsor while still in your country the first thing to do it register through a recruitment website and start searching for your vacancy. is the #1 job site in the Middle East, offering a complete range of end-to-end employment solutions and career planning tools

Your first step in searching for a career opportunity in GCC is to register your CV on and start exploring the market.

Networking and friends

6 Degrees of separation is a true thing. You just need to ask your family, friends, and colleagues. For sure you will know someone who knows someone working in Saudi. And this person and submit your CV or recommend you to a job post.

Employment fairs and Multinational companies.

Some of the Multinational companies do employment fairs and post job opportunities online. You can conduct all the interviews then sign your job offer with one of the companies headquarters in your country then they will send you to Saudi. Keep an open eye for what is offered in your company. or do a simple research to know which of the companies in your country has a subsidiary in Saudi then apply to it.

This might be a quck guidlines about how can you score a job in Saudi. Now is set your mind stratight. If you want to work in Saudi it’s just some easy steps you make. Start with Signing up to then everything will go easy.

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