Food In Saudi; Style of life, or life of style

Food is a great deal in Saudi. due to the scarcity of fun things to do in the city. One of the main things you will be doing is eating. Where to eat and what to eat is taking most of the days conversations. This goes for the locals and the expats. With high disposable income in the country, eating out everyday is a normal thing and it’s much easier than eating in home. Varies are uncountable, you can find any kind of food in the world in Saudi. Price also varies from a breakfast of 3 SAR to a breakfast of 500 Riyal. What kind of food you prefer and what price range you are looking for it’s all here.


Food Varities

From all over the world. America, Europe, Latin america, Asia, Africa. Their is no kind of food that you will crave for and don’t find in Saudi. One of the Saudi commercial culture is clusters of same commercial categories. So if you are hungry just visit the trade center of your neighborhood or the nearest mall, and you will find all types of food to choose from.

Food Price

Food price is cheap in Saudi. But this depends on where do you eat. You can have a Break fast of Tamese (Bread) and foul (beans) that will cost you just 3 Riyals. While you can have a breakfast in an upscale restaurant for 500 Riyal with open buffet of Mediterranean food.


Food market is a huge increasing one. People starting to get confused and new restaurants are opening everyday. This made the Foodies (People review new restaurants and food) a famous career in the Saudi. With the wide spread of social media. People follows Foodies accounts on Instagram and Snapchat to know what are the new restaurants in town and which is better. This made the food influencres in Saudi a new marketing channel that all restaurants now must care about their review on the foodies social media channel. and they invite them to the opening of the restaurants and take their reviews into consideration.



Cafes is also one of the best location you can hangout it. however most of the good cafes are for families only (which means that you must be a couple of man and woman to enter) this will avoid them of the hassle of making a men only section. Riyadh is the capital of Saudi have the largest cafe on the world. Al masaa which has been awarded from Guinness records.


Segregation of orders cashiers at macdonalds

AS the country cares about segregation between men and women. all restaurants and cafes must be constructed in a way to separate the singles section from the couples section/ while single females will be admitted in the couples section. So if you are looking for a restaurant, first make sure to know if it’s singles only or couples only or has 2 sections. before you drive to. even in takeaway fast food shops inside malls, they must have two order counters with  wall separating between them. one is for the Men and the other for ladies. Also the food court area where you sit to eat. you must consider which part of the tables you are sitting in. because their is special tables for the singles and other one for the families.

Food industry is one of the biggest in the Kingdom, And can’t be covered in only one topic. Weekly posts will be added every Friday about it.

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