Kiteboarding in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

We have run into this amazing Kiteboarding center in Jeddah. Sea activities are a rare thing to find in Saudi. The strict rules of going to the beach and gender mixing standard. But you never know how many activities are going on in this country that you can join to enjoy your weekend and change the routine of just going out to eating 😀

Jeddah the Land of Pioneers

Jeddah has always been the pioneers land of Saudi. With inhabitant always mixing with the different cultures, they developed an open mind to any new activity or ideas that are created beyond the Saudi borders. Trying to entertain themselves and mark the city as part of the open world. They always learn whats new in the world and implement in the City.

Bander Badokhon Kiteboarding

Bander Badokhon a son of a local fisherman, Who was always available by the awesome red sea of Jeddah developed his interest in Kiteboarding after encountering expats practicing the sport on the untouched beaches of Jeddah.

After getting certified from the international kiteboarding association. He is now spreading the love of air and water by providing courses for the beginners to try some adrenaline driven action.

You can join one of his Kiteboarding beginners courses that go for 10 hours every Friday and Saturday at Al Shiba beach.

Learn Kiteboarding in Saudi

Bandar is teaching kiteboarding classes every weekend. to know more about his schedule and how to join, you can contact him through his Instagram account banderbadokhon and know more details about how to join and the fees.

Kiteboarding Gear

After learning the kite boarding techniques you will need to get your own gear to start enjoying your own rides. this kind of equipment is rare to find in the kingdom, but you can always buy your stuff from eBay and ship it to your place with no problems.

Check out the below items provided that you can get at a very reasonable price.

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