Husband and wife in Walkway

Marriage via Twitter in 3 steps

Marriage is a huge deal in Saudi. It’s one of the main goals in life. actually, everyone you meet will ask you why aren’t you married. with the segregation between men and women. and discrimination towards single men, everyone tries to marry. Marriage seems to be the escape from the dull single life and a way of the dreams of Happy Family activities.

Husband and wife in Walkway

Husband and wife in walkway

Men can’t meet women. Going out with a woman can really get you in jail. How do they meet and know their prospect wife? …  actually, they don’t. except for the modernized minority that can have a relationship with a woman they meet at work or in college. The other ways to know your wife is through family connections or matchmakers.

The rise of social media, especially Twitter in Saudi affected even the Matchmaking business. You can buy anything through Instagram. Also, you can find your wife through Twitter. Several Twitter accounts exist that facilitate the marriage.

Marriage Matchmakers online

The matchmaking accounts are managed by real Matchmakers, women who are in the business for a long time and now moved to the digital market. Before they depended on connections, phone calls and home visits to be able to make a match. But now they just post the available grooms/brides and start the conversation via Whatsapp then when the deal is done they get paid. Yes, it’s a profession you can work as a matchmaker and get 4000 SAR for every successful marriage you arrange.

Single woman in a mall

Single Woman in a Mall

If you chose to get married through the social media you have to follow this steps;

Step 1: Follow


You will have to search for the matchmaker account and follow it. It’s not hard to find the accounts, just type “خطابه” in the search field and you will find hundreds of them.

You have to screens the accounts as each Matchmaker requires some characteristic in the groom before accepting him. Some characteristics that they declare must be in the groom are; Saudi/Expat, Are of living, Financial status, Already Married/Single, Even some of them requires that they will be contacted by a female relative of the groom “No men allowed”

Some sample of Matchmaker accounts

Matchmaker Twitter

Um Fahd Match Maker

Matchmaker Saudi Marriage

Matchmaker Saudi Marriage



Official Marriage Matchmaker

Official Marriage Matchmaker

Step 2: Screening

You will find that the Matchmaker is posting daily about available Brides, Maybe several times a day. Check what’s available and when you find the girls of your dreams 😀  just follow the instruction with the add to declare your interest.

Maybe you will have to send a Whatsapp message or direct message through twitter.

The offerings include several characteristic of the woman that you should be aware off before declaring your interest.

Age, High, Weight, Most of the brides are described by being pretty or they have well-shaped body (You will only know the truth when you meet)

Martial status: Single, Widow, Divorced

Does she work or not and where does she live. And whether if she is from a will known family or not.

The Bride also can have special requirements, like financial status or Will known family, or the Groom must be living in the City or Urban.

Step 3: The meeting

The Matchmaker will arrange for a meeting between you and the Bride’s family, the details of the meeting will be discussed in private with the Matchmaker, then after the meeting, both sides will decide if they want to continue in this marriage or not.


The information in this article was observed through online research and several discussion with locals. It’s correct according to our current knowledge. If you decided to take this steps it’s at your own risk. Some Matchmakers ended up to be a fraud. The Matchmaking business and the online Matchmaking is in the Saudi culture but it’s not the majority, Some Saudi use it but not all of them.

Single Saudi

Single Saudi walking alone

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