Masoub without Banana

Masoub, The Power breakfast

Good looking masoub in fancy restirant

Masoub is a Yemeni plate, that have found it’s fame in Saudi. Loaded with Carb. and Cal. it makes a perfect breakfast. Also can work as a desert after Lunch or Dinner. Really i can eat Masoub anytime with any quantity.

Masoub looks like what you see on News

Masoub in Local fawal

Masoub in local resturant

The Look is not that good. It looks like if you mashed some stuff together. Maybe looks more like what they are feeding the starved people of Somalia. Whoever some top restaurant try to make it looks good with proper dressing and photography. But the results still looks like some smashed stuff. 😀

The real ingredient of Masoub is Banana, Bread, smashed together. If you are looking for the special edition you can add Cream, and Honey (That’s called Malaky which means the royal edition). Maybe also Cheese or Almonds if you want. It’s Super easy to make and you can serve in 10 min max.

What about the taste?

Masoub ingredient

The Taste is awesome, It’s super sweet because of the Bananas and Honey. Will fill you up because of decent amount of bread. Cream add to the taste but watch out because it’s full of Fats. i use Masoub during my Carb Loading periods before long Runs.

Price is reasonable

As a single expat, I don’t enjoy cooking at home so i always eat it in Local or fancy restaurants. More or less they both taste the same. And look the same. The Price of the Regular Masoub is 7 SAR in the local restaurants, ,can reach 15 in Fancy ones. The Malaky is an extra of 5 SAR.

You can find it at any Fawal local restaurant, and restaurants that serve Yemeni food. Check the best restaurants to eat it. 

Making it is Easy, Just follow the below steps

If you are looking for some energy, anytime of the day or just craving something super sweet. It is your best option. If you didn’t taste Masoub you haven’t been to Saudi.

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