Morning Coffee in Tahlia St

Coffee In Riyadh, Are you a morning person?!

Morning coffee is one of the important things that i look for in any City i visit. It tells about the community and the culture. Does the city wakes up early in the morning? Early in the weekends? Do they enjoy the beautiful view and rising sun to have a quite cup of coffee in silence?

Morning coffee in Riyadh

In Riyadh, Yes some people wake up early in the weekend to get their coffer in an outdoor location and enjoy the beautiful weather.

This only happens when the weather is good. Most of the year Riyadh is either melting hot, or freezing cold. but it happens that weather gets good in the early morning.

The most famous area to get your morning Coffee is Tahlia street, the most famous and elegant street of coffeehouses and restaurants. But what about the view? it depends what are you looking for, If you are looking for a sea and sun Riyadh is not the place. Sun is very harsh, and Sea doesn’t exist as the city is locked up in the desert.

But if you are looking for clean streets and fancy cars, sure you will find it. however fancy cars sometimes have V8 engines that produce an unpleasant sound for people looking for quite relaxing atmosphere.

You will also find group of Costume motorbikes and race bikes cruising the street producing huge Roar.

Also in your view you will find it relaxing to look at a street that has less traffic and more palm trees and flowers.


REading the newspaper while enjoying the coffee

Enjoy your morning coffee with the newspaper

Most of the working class in Riyadh takes weekend just to relax. Stay at home and be with their families. but this is not how the free spirits live. if you go to Tahlia street in the early morning you will find the Free spirited class sitting in cafes all over the road, enjoying their coffee and smart talks. If you are a smokes indoors is not an option. But all cafes has an outdoor tables on the pedestrian that you can enjoy a coffee and a smoke with friends or just reading the newspaper.

Nationalities varies in every activity you do in Riyadh, so if you are having a morning coffee, Don’t expect Asians to show up and just sit beside you, they have their own activities to do in the morning which i still don’t know about.

Locals?! Hell yes you will find Saudi locals from all age groups sitting in the cafes in Tahlia street in the morning having coffee, talking business or just talking about their life.

Early visitors of cafes in Tahlia street

Reading book or just hangout with freinds

The other nationalities that you will find are mostly Lebanese (the nationality that always love to treat themselves good) and Egyptians (who are the nationality that hates routine and closed spaces, also are mostly smokers)

Gender is not something you look for as the other gender (Females) rarely exist in the Saudi public life. Because of the rules and city culture which is extremely strict about mixed gender groups. Women who also enjoy the morning coffee but they must enjoy it in closed locations that are for families only.


As Saudi economy is strong with one of the highest disposable income in the world. you will find all international brands in the city. Tahlia street has every brand of cafes that you can dream of. And also brands that you don’t know about (Saudi local brands) but still they serve great coffee. If you prefer the international corporate brands you will find Starbucks, Dunkin Donats, Tim Horton and many others. but still not all brands can accommodate women and mixed groups as the rules for opening a Family section is not easy.

Fancy cars parked in Tahlia street

Fancy Cars and Diagonal parking

Easy parking

Pick up your cafe, and you will find a parking just at the door. If you are going for a morning coffee in Tahlia street you will not face any troubles finding a parking stop just in fort of your cafe. as the street is adjusted for diagonal parking it can accommodate all the fancy cars. and early risers are not a popular thing in the city, so their is enough space for everyone.


Working days in Saudi is from Sunday to Thursday, most of the people will working their ass out on desks or in meetings, Don’t expect people to show up for a relaxing coffee, some still come for a fast grab to wake up before work. but the main crowd of the weekdays are the women. They mostly don’t work, They always go out for a coffee with their friends to enjoy the empty streets and special offers that cafes and restaurants have in working days.

Every city in the world has its own culture, and The Saudi culture is so special in its kind. so enjoy it and tell me what do you think about it.

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