Key in the trunk

Security, forget your car key in the trunk ?!

Security is one of the main advantages of living in Saudi Arabia.

However devil exist anywhere in the world but your personal and family safety is something you rarely think about while living in the kingdom.

With strong government and tight police and Hayaa, theft and killing is not a common thing in the news.

Last week i was traveling from Riyadh to Jeddah.

I was in rush to catch the plane (Which i didn’t catch in the end) but after getting my bag from the trunk of the car i forgot to take the key out.

Just when i reached my seat on the new plane i remembered this but their was no option to go out again and check if the key is really in the trunk.


I returned to the car after 36 hours to find it in place with the key just where i left it.

This is not an invitation to leave your car open or your mobile or money in display.

Always take care of your personal belongings but know that you are in a safe city.

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