Elextrostatic shock from your hands

Electrostatic Shock in Riyadh

Electric shock, Every time i get out of my car i get a shock when touching the car door.

I noticed this started happening to me when relocated to Riyadh.

I though this was because of an electric malfunction in my car, but while talking to one of my friends he told me that he have the same issue and others also.

So i searched it online and it turned up to be a normal thing in cities with dry weather.

Hand get shock from door knob

Electric shock when touching door knobs

Then reason of electrostatic shock

While we are sitting on a chair the clothes contacting with the chair generates electrostatic charge on our clothes.

This electrostatic  is normally discharged in the air, but not in this dry weather.

Because their is no enough water in the air the electrostatic charge is trapped on our clothes until we touch any metal object. The charge is dismissed from our body to this metal object creating this irritating feeling. This charge can reach 2,000 volts.

How to avoid being shocked

  • You can raise humidity in home or office, using humidifier Some AC systems have this option, or you can buy a humidifier machine.
  • Also shoes with leather sole can help.
  • Try to install anti-static mats over hard surface floor, This mates have conducting materials that collects the static energy.
  • Some anti-electrostatic solution is being sold in large hypermarkets in Saudi, you can buy one of them and use it on your clothes, this will help while getting out of the car.

This options is to avoid it, but what if you lost those items or couldn’t get them from your local store.

How to escape the shock.

Caution sign

Caution their is a risk of electric shock

To avoid shocks when getting out of the car HOLD the metal door frame before you get out, KEEP HOLDING as you get out, until you are fully out of the car. It’s easy with practice!

  1. Also if you are going to touch a metal object, like doors or machines. Use keys to touch the object first, when charge is dismiss through the key its less irritating.
  2. Monitor your activities and you will notice what certain activities are charging you with static electricity.
  3. Try different shoes to see if some give less problems. Leather soles are often good.
  4. Use Cotton to cover your furniture, cotton is usually a low static material.


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