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Studio55 … be More, now in Jeddah

Studio55 opens a new branch now in Jeddah after the great success of Khobar branch for 2 years now. All women on Jeddah can now enjoy a healthy life.

Only This month the Kingdom of Saudi has started Licensing Female Gyms, in addition to the introduction of PE classes in females schools.

This doesn’t go to our running the street program 😉


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On the 18th of July, the General Sports Authority announced the rules and regulation of opening a Female Gym in Saudi.

Before that date, some Gyms used to exist and cater to females, but those were only licensed as SPA and operated under the same rules and regulations of a medical spa.

One of the Gyms that used to exist before the official launch of Female Gyms program is Studio55  with its first branch located in Khobar for 2 years now.

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Only recently Studio55 launched its second branch in Tahlia st. Jeddah.

It’s not usual to find such a professional organization and wide variety of sports activities for women.

You can choose to attend several classes that take place every week including

  • Spinning
  • HIIT
  • Teenage camps
  • Kickboxing
  • Zumba
  • Meditation and Yoga

The registration process is easy. Once you subscribe and pay your subscription fees you can then book online your classes and know if it’s fully booked. In the case of full classes, you can be added to the waiting list and then be notified if someone canceled and you take his place. Booking is always available 2 weeks before the class date.

Also, Studio55 has strict rules and regulations published on the website. Including policies for No Show, Cancellation, Membership freeze, and payments.

The best part is Studio55 etiquette which includes the manners that you should use while in the Gym. I’d love to see these manners used in every Gym in the world.

  • Text and Chat
  • Cross talk
  • Laundry
  • Kindness
  • Appreciation

Yes, the first part is the most important one. Still, we are in the Kingdom taking pictures of women in a gym and publishing them online or sharing them with friends is a crime. so all women are expected to leave there phones our of the Gym area. (Same concept goes in weddings)


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