Transportation: 10 things to know before moving to Saudi

Another great post from our friend Jason. that can briefly describe what to expect when moving to Saudi in regards to transportation.

  1. Driving can be very dangerous in Saudi Arabia and the drivers can be very aggressive.
  2. Public transportation in buses is not very good in the cities but buses do connect larger cities.
  3. There is a high-speed rail project underway to connect Makkah with Jeddah.
  4. 5 miles in a taxi will cost roughly $26 SAR ( $7)
  5. Woman are not allowed to drive so should arrange to have a private taxi service.
  6. Use Uber as it is the safest and most reliable service.
  7. If you are looking to ship a vehicle to Saudi Arabia you must hold an Iqama which is a permit of residence.
  8. You are limited to import 1 vehicle per year as a resident.
  9. If you have a business, you may import more than 1 vehicle.
  10. If a vehicle has more than 5 seats it is classified as a commercial vehicle and must be registered by a business and not an individual.

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