Youtube is better than Tv in Saudi

5 Reasons Youtube is better than Saudi TV

Youtube is more famous than the national TV in Saudi Arabia. The national TV of Saudi you will only see religious programs and news. But the nation wants more. They want entertainment like what they can find on satellite channels. The locals need entertainment that caters to their needs. Entertainment created with the Saudi youth in mind. This is what the famous production houses UTURN, and Telvaz11 is creating.

Statistics about Youtube in Saudi

1- Youtube has more views

Saudi Arabia has the largest youtube views in the world. And it’s the second most visited website in Saudi after Google. Despite, Third of Saudis with an internet connection is active on Twitter. They are still using more online videos.

According to SocialBakers. the Most famous Saudi channel Sa7i has more than 2 million subscribers. And more than 500 Million views on their videos.

2- It’s on Mobile

The easy of access to Youtube is the main factor that made it so popular. You will not need to be in front of your TV screen. Or schedule your day according to the program airing time. Videos are available in your hand and you have the convenience to watch the videos anytime you want. even while you are waiting for your friends to show. While mobile marketing channels like Anghami and Snapchat are developing the market. Still youtube is keeping its advantage.

3- Creative created content

The content of youtube is not monitored. Creativity is not controlled by the countries strict law. This made the videos more creative. Have more creativity than the traditional media. With regular programs that created weekly and promoted by the famous channels. There are special programs for news, entertainment. Also, programs that review the trending social videos and news. Even government awareness campaign for energy rationalization used Youtube advertising.

4- Creativity in advertising

Because of the less control on the Youtube videos. Advertising on it is also creative. Starting from Adsense and Adword advertising placement on the video or on the page. To Product placement in Videos and special reviews of products. Still TV and Billboards are not open for more creative advertising. because they must follow the countries rules.

5- Better monitored ROI

Youtube has the most interaction online, more than Facebook and Instagram. This made all the big brands of Saudi start promoting on it. Ads placements and product placement are more creative. Large telecom companies like STC and Zain are sponsoring online channels and videos. ROI from such advertising is way much better than that of TV.


TV is the king of mass communication and one of the key players in the ATL marketing. But in Saudi Youtube is much better. Youtube will direct message to the mass audience that is targeted and with better ROI. if you are looking for video advertising in Saudi Youtube is the best option you have.

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