Anghami – A new marketing channel

Anghami, A self-raised application that is setting a new trend in the market. With more than 10 Million application user. The Application is a great way to advertise your products as in Banner or in sound. Which created a new channel for all marketers in the middle east.

Anghami Marketing

The application is the only application to stream International music in the middle east and Arabic music to the world. That what made it excel. In addition to their collaboration with Dolby, to provide encoding system that provides high-quality sound with less data usage. This is helping because of the slow speed of internet in the region also the saving the expensive quotas.

Anghami is the best music streaming application you will find in Saudi. With Spotify not supporting the region. And radio is just not that good. If you are looking for some International hit songs or old songs that you enjoy listening to with repeat to infinite option. Angami will be your best option.

The $275 Million company started by 2 Lebanese back in 2012 is now serving ads to their customers. after being

Chosen by Google Among the Best 2015 Apps

The web-based version of the application doesn’t support Ads yet. But the mobile version does.

Ads targeting through the mobile application has the greatness of digital advertising. You can target by age, Sex, location, even interest.

The add typicaly consests of a banner that is linked to our desired destination. And a sound clip of 30 sec. that plays between songs.

Anghami marketing

The paid versioin of the app doesn’t support ads. Because its paid… Duh!!

How you will use this application in your marketing campaign is up to your imagination. You could sponsor a playlist or an artist or a gender of music. You can just display ads. You can add something interactive like voting for best songs. Or you could provide your customer with a free subscription to the application.

It’s always according to your imagination, Needs, and Budget. But if you are looking for some buzz in Saudi, Using Anghami as a channel will certainly benefit your campaign.

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