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Instagram, Saudi best store of everything

Lack of social life and entertainment in Saudi makes people more hocked up on social media. That is one of the reasons Saudi use Twitter more than anyone on earth and 40% of Saudi internet users are using Instagram. And 35% of the Saudi population uses Social media

In Saudi Arabia their is almost 30 Million user of Instagram. If you just scrolled through the Instagram feed of any Saudi, you will encounter several ads of home business. That is Business operated by women from their home. the products Vary from Home made food, Party supplies, Cosmetics, and Also accessories.

For Saudi Women opening her own business is a hard option. As she must delegate a man to finish all the Governmental paper work because women are not allowed to do this tasks in Saudi according to the law.

That’s why women prefer to open their own business just online, which is also have many advantages. Low starting cost and running cost is one of them. Promoting the business online is an easy process as create instgram accounts and start publishing products.

The most successful advertising mean online is to be referenced by a social influencer. and this comes very handy with low cost. Every influencer has his own rate. The advertising is either a direct message set by the Business owner of his work and how to contact him. Or to send the influencer sample of the work and he will do a shout out for the supplier and mention how to contact him,

accessories_ar as an example is an accessories online shop that has over 83k followers this shop has been running for over 2 years now. Daily pictures of the products are posted on the account with price. To order you contact the store via whatsapp on the mention number. and order your product providing delivery location and contact phone number. within 2 days the order will be delivered to your location and payment on delivery will be made.

خاتم متوفر بالفضي والذهبي يتصغر ويتكبر 💕

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One of the most popular accounts is afnan_albatel with 4.2m followers her instgram account is more of an advertising channel than a social profile. you can find major brands, Property ads and even ads of medical care on her account. Afnan has been approached by Turkish cosmetic brand to create cosmetics line in her name and its out now.

حبيب الحب يالحب و حبيبي 🙊💕

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If you are selling anything or providing any kind of service Instagram will always be your best choice to promote in the Saudi market its just about how to use it properly.

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