Checking Snapchat 2 hours daily

Snapchat, Easier than telling the story

Snapchat, You can find it all over the Saudi country. People everywhere are Snapping. They document their life Through the less than a Minute videos and pictures. Telling a story about their day and what’s in their minds. It’s easier than having to tell the story to everyone over he phone ,or try to describe what is happening over text.

Sanpping every momen of the day

Sanpping live events

Snapchat in Saudi in numbers

Saudi was ranked 2nd global for users of Snapchat following Ireland. with the most of the users between the age of 16-20 years. a study of Globalwebindex. Because of the Saudi laws their is always trouble mixing between teenagers. Segregation between men and women is a huge issue. In addition to the absence of the entertainment. Saudis tend to find their chance of speaking up and having conversation online. They follow each other to know what is happening in the City. and also to speak up their thought. Also the conversation between men and women online is not monitored. so they could have a some conversations.

Snapchat is being used by 26% of Teenagers in Saudi. Placing Saudi in the 8th place world wide of Snapchat users According to Arabnews. Also the same study showed that 33% of Snap chat users spend 2 hours each day on the application. While 29 Percent spend only 1 hour each day. With 50% of the Snapchat users are in the capital of Riyadh.

Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat currently don’t provide paid ads for the Saudi market. And the Geofilters on demand option is coming to the market soon. Some major companies are manually promoting their brands through snapping their events and ads. this only works for Some brands like STC, Virgin, and McDonalds. but most of the other brands still uses Influencers to promote their brands in Snapchat.

Checking Social Media

Checking Social media


When Snapchat decided to lunch a day for the Saudi capital Riyadh, called Riyadh Life. all of the Saudi were participating in the event Snapping videos and photos of their life. that all the world would see. This event also sparked a huge conversation over Twitter (The most famous social media in Saudi) with over 130,000 tweet made this day under the Hashtag #RiyadhLife also users started saving pictures and videos of the stream of Snapchat and posting it on other social media accounts life Instagram and Twitter. Some of the locals had concerns about the stream as they claims it’s not biased and shows only the pictures that Snapchat whats the world to see.


Snapchat is a huge marketing tool in Saudi. However promoting your brand might be a hard option as the application doesn’t provide paid ads, or links that you can follow, or either a public conversation (exceot of what current streams they are providing) So the best current option is to use Influncers, till the Geofilter reaches Saudi.

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