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How to buy a running watch in Saudi

Watch, some use it for knowing the time, Some use it for keeping track of their day. Others use it just to brag about how expensive it is and how wealthy they are. But for runners GPS watch or a running watch is one of the essential things. You must have on if you are a professional runner. if you decide to switch from just running as a habit to running as a real thing, you must have a watch.

Running GPS watch

Currently Smart watches and Smart bands are trendy, also cheap. But this is not what we are talking about. Yes, they keep you steps record and movement and sleep. The cute vibration that wakes you up in the morning. but as a runner, you need something to track your distance, Heart rate, and average pace. something that will shout at you “Run” or keep telling you how far have you been, or how much remains.

For the past three years, I’ve been using my mobile as my GPS tracking tool. Because it also has my music library, and I won’t worry about losing calls during exercise time. I’ve been around several run tracking applications. and different mobile phones. sometimes you end up losing all the track because of weak GPS signal. sometimes the mobile battery dies and you have to continue without. also, if you are not waiting for an important call, the normal calls and messages will be distracting. this in beside the size and weight of the phone and how will you carry it. will you hold it in your hand (I prefer to) or have a strap on your arm.

Running GPS watch

GPS watches are convenient during the run. 50 gm strapped to your wrist is not a thing that you will worry about during running. long battery life and good GPS coordination. Also the ability to extract the date from the watch and add log it online to running websites. The only downside is that you will still have to carry iPod or phone if you want to enjoy your music while running.

How to decide which watch you want

If you are looking for a running watch online you will get lost. Yes, Many brands and many models which provide various options and features. Also, the Budget varies from $50 to $500. First set your target what are your current status in running and what will lit be in 12 months. because this is an investment that will be with you for a long time. Check this for more about which watch to choose.

Where can you get it?

With your model in mind, maybe you have more than one option to choose from. You can visit one of the Garmin stores in Saudi to know what’s available in the market to buy immediately. Dar Moja is Garmin showrooms which are all over Saudi. Also, they have all the products on their website. You could also check the website of the Saudi GPS. they have no showroom but their customer service will office is in Kingdom tower. is one of he biggest stores in Saudi .. Online stores. and they have several vendors of Running watches that you could choose from.

Dar moja Garmin reseller in Saudi

Dar Moja

The benefit of buying from Dar Moja store is that you get 2 years warranty, and the product is tangible at your hands. what you pay is what you get on the spot. is always available, you can buy even used watches and deliver it to your door. This is the best option to score a good deal and get to choose from a wide variety of watches available worldwide.


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