Group of runners in Saudi desert with hydration packs

Camelbak in the Land of Camels

Hydration pack or Camelbakis a must if you are planning for a long distance run in Saudi. Hard sun and hot weather are all year situation in Saudi. Keeping hydrated is essential to stay safe. It’s hard to find hydration packs in Saudi but after exploration, we have found it.


Is of the best brands of hydration pack and solution for sports in the world. with various styles and sizes for every sport available in their collection. check out their site for more about the company.

man and wife in mountains of Hejaz with hydration pack in saudi

The more effort the More hydration needed

Running Equipment

Usually, Saudi runners buy their equipment from eBay or bring it with them when they are abroad. Because running is not a famous sport in the country due to weather and culture constraints. sports shops never care to import or display running equipment and accessories.

Camelbak in Saudi

After going all around the country big and small shops looking for one. finally, I found it in Sports one store of Riyadh Gallery mall. 6 different models displayed in a not observed location beside bikes and cycling equipment. all models are in Female colors and 1.5L capacity. except for one 2 liter capacity. Price from 149 to 249 according to style and capacity. You can enjoy the less price because of the current mid-season sale.

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Get your Camelbak

If you want to get one you can pass by the store in Riyadh Gallery mall. I’d love to help you if you want one but don’t live in Riyadh. just drop me an email on and we can handle payment and shipping.

saudi women running in desert with <a target= online store

Check out this good Hydration backpack from eBay

If you are looking for more varieties or models you could always check eBay. Or search for more if you want. eBay is a trusted source that can deliver for you in 5 to 20 days. Prices of eBay is better than that in other places.


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