Wadi Hanifa trail run

Hanifa park – Small trail track

Hanifa Park, in the far Southwest of Riyadh. A beautiful Protectorate you will not see anything like it in the city.  A canyon full of water and greenery. Peaceful place with limited noise and more clean air.

The park needs more development. Water is not controlled and it floods the walkway and the park. Most parts of the park are muddy because of the water. You better without where are you stepping, as the mud will not only damage your shoes. But also, it could affect your feet.

Water floods the walkway

Water floods the walkway

Hanifa Run

If you are looking for a trail run, this is your place. A small 2KM track of water and rocks. The track has a slight elevation, but you won’t even notice it. Only if parts of the track is flooded then you will have to take 2 or 3 steps to reach the road. Run on it for a couple of meters then go back to the track. During your run, you will enjoy the landscape. Running water, palm trees, and grass. As you will be running in a circle, expect the wind to change its direction from your side to face to back. The wind is not super strong but it will add some challenge to your run.

Trail and landscape

Trail and landscape

It’s a morning location, The place lacks any kind of lighting. There are limited light poles on the other side of the road. which lights the surrounding roads somewhat. Don’t ever try to run after sunset. also, because the trail is not well marked you will not notice if your are out of the trail. Maybe you will find your self-running through a family gathering or kids playing football.

Urban Conservative

Hanifa park is out of the city. It’s considered in an urban place. Witch follows the urban conservative culture. You will find family gathering far from each other as they respect the privacy of each other. Try to avoid family gatherings. They are sensitive about their privacy. Especially if there are women included. Also, keep your eyes off them. wearing a sunglass will make it better. (That’s what I always do)

Family gatherings

Family gatherings

The experience

Enjoy the views, While you are running in this great place. You will find beautiful views all around you. everywhere you look you will find a beautiful view. Water, and greenery. Families having a fun time. Kids playing. When I first reached the location. After having a good look and collecting my courage to start this new adventure. The kids playing stopped and just stared at me in astonishment. It’s their first time to watch a man in shorts and sunglasses running through their park. Running is not a common thing in the park. Also, shorts is not 😀 (Conservative dress is a must in this location)

You will find all technical information in the below link

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