King Abdalla park track

King Abdallah park – Track review

King Abdallah park  track is in the middle of the city, can be accessible from any where, however it makes it busy and the MTR is making the streets crowded, pollution is high because the track is surrounded by busy downtown roads, and their is no trees to filter or keep the exhaust and sounds out. the round circle makes it good as you will not be seeing the end. the walkway is very wide that can accommodate all ppl. don’t try to run by day as their is no shade and the streets will be more busy. It’s cool to find the toilets directly on the walkway and many juice shops and food and cafes. Hayaa is always their. long track has many crossings. Don’t think about being their during match days.

King Abdalla park Map long

King Abdalla park Map long


Al Amin Abdullah Al Ali Al Naeem, Al Malaz, Riyadh 12836


Short: 1.95 KM

Long: 2.74 KM

King Abdallah park Elevation gain

Short: 5 m

Long: 7 m

King Abdallah park Pollution

The track is totally coverred with cars exhust as it is in the centr of the city with cars from everywhere

King Abdallah park Timing

The track is best used during the night because their is no share to protect you during the morning and its very busy


The track has great width to accommodate all runners and walkers


You can find juice and food and cafe and toilets on the track

Always consider Road safe runing tips

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