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King Abdallah Road walkway – Track Review

King Abdallah Road walkway or Some may call it Prince Sultan University walkway. the walkway runs around the Prince Sultan University. One of the longest in Riyadh. With 2 options, either to take the Small track that has Zero Traffic crossing. Or you can take the long route which is around 4 KM and finish whatever long distance on your calendar. The wide track that can accommodate all who want to move their legs with beautiful flowers on both sides that provide great view and smell. It’s a very recommended track.

Single Saudi on King abdallah walkway

Single Saudi walking alone

King Abdallah walkway Location:

The crossing of King Abdallah road and Aby Bakir Al sedik road.



Long: 3.89 KM with 18m Gain

Short: 3.12 KM with gain 9m


The track is surrounded by busy roads from 2 sides, which will give you 2 other sides to rest from the car exhaust and enjoy the smell of the flowers.


Famous tracks are all the same, you can run/walk anytime of the day and you will find others on the track always, as the track is wide, it is never busy. Try to avoid Friday afternoon, because of the outdoor seekers who just sit there do nothing.


You can find Dite center booth directly on the track serving fresh juice and food.

Also Cafes and Subway, and Quiznos sub is just across the street

Bathroom on both sides of the track area available for men and women.

Always consider Safety while running in Saudi streets.

The Track distance elevation and all information provided are the best to our current knowledge if you feel that something must be edited please feel free to leave a comment below.

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