Mansoura Park – Running track

Mansoura park experience summary

Mansoura Park track is split by line of trees

Mansoura Park track is split by line of trees

Mansoura Park is in the South of Riyadh. One of the only long various sized tracks in the South. The track could be ran in various editions. The longest Edition is 2.5 KM and the shortest is 1.5 KM.  Perfectly rectangular shaped it can be used for Tempo training. Located in a residential and commercial area the track is always busy. Beware of the local walkers, as their is many of them. Busy streets surround the track from all sides which makes it polluted with car exhausts. The longest version of the park is dangerous because it’s basically a parking area where you will face cars for a distance of 200×2 m. The track is split in 2 ways by a line of tree, This helps managing the direction. Only if all the crowed considered it. with a small elevation of 12 at the Eastern-North corner. Half of the distance will be going up slowly. the other half will be easily going down. The shortest distance is very safe as their is no car entrances or intersections. But he longest is very dangerous because of cars intersection and you will be actually running in a car park.

Masnoura park Location

Al Amir Mashari Ibn Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz, Al Mansourah, Riyadh 12692

Mansoura park distance

Long track: 2.5 Km

Short Track: 1.5 Km

Mansoura park elevation

Masnoura park long track elevation

Masnoura park long track elevation

Long track: 12 m

Short Track: 8 m

Mansoura park pollution

Surrounded by heavy car traffic

Mansoura park timing

The track is always busy, try the off times between 1 am and 10 am

Mansoura park width

The width is split in two by line of trees. in the crowded times its not enough

Mansoura park utilities

Super markets and restureants are available across the track

You can find sample of water on the track

No toilets or chaging room

Always consider Safe Road running tips


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