Music during running

Music you have in your ears during running. Or what I love to call it the Running soundtrack. Is a major factor in your quality of run. It can affect your distance and speed. This for sure on the psychological base. It will not make your muscle stronger. and will note regulate your breath. But for sure it will support your mind. Will fight your inner demons that always asks you to stop.

Music with running

Do you play music while you are running?

This is the first question that you can ask yourself. Do you use your earphones? Or do you just run on the soundtrack of the nature around you?

If you don’t use music while running then I think that you are a hardcore runner. Running on roads without music to filter the chaos around you can be hard. You will be hearing everything around. Especially because while you run you get in that super state of mind. Your hearing sense will be more sensitive. All the sounds around you will be in your mind. Starting from the sounds of a deep breath going inside your lungs. To the sound of your footsteps. And car motors around you. People you pass by, You will be able to understand what they say. If they are talking about you, or if they are just having normal conversations.

Running without music makes me analyze everything around. I start looking at people I pass by and try to analyse their personalities. If I hear 2 or 3 words of their conversation, I might keep analysing the situation for hours. Creating different scenarios about what happened and what will be their next step.

But running without music or distraction from the environment can be dangerous. You might get crazy if there is nothing around you to distract you from the sound of your foot on the terrain. Imagine you run on a trail in the dessert. Or if you are running straight lines of 4 KM. You might start doubting yourself or your ability to continue. you must grow a strong confident in yourself before going that road.

Music while running

Music while running

If you are the DJ runner. playing music from phone or MP3 during your run. love to have a soundtrack in your ears that covers the surrounding noise. Addicted to some music in your ears playing while you run. That’s a good way to start your day. Some music in your ears will get your mind off the distance and the obstacles in your run.

It might be dangerous sometimes. if you are running the streets you have to take care of what around you. Especially traffic (Check saftey tips). Cars might honk for you, if you are crossing streets you must take good care of what surrounds you. Someone might be calling you to warn you about something. it’s preferred that you lower the sound to allow some of the environment noise in your ears. Or you could just use one earphone and allow the other ear to get the feeling of the surroundings.

Playing music during the run will kill time. If you concentrate on the music played lyrics and songs you will kill some time. Also, music tracks can make you track your time. Music beats will let you control your steps.

Genre of Music

High RPM will encourage you more to add to your speed and distance. While slow songs might add to your endurance but not your speed. What is important during your run is that you must play music that you love. It’s enough that you are fighting the demons inside you don’t have to suffer from the music also.

If you are the DJ type. try to research what kind of music you love more. Check you own playlist and choose from them. Also, you can check Run hundred as they have weekly updates of what runners voted to be a great running song.

Before you go for the run, chose your songs and create your playlist. Do this before you get out of your home. When you reach the running location you must be Ready for it.

My Recommendations

Set your music before you start


A playlist full of songs will let me keep an eye on my watch. As every song is around 4 min, so when it ends you know that 4 mins have passed. Also, every song will start slow, hit the good pace in the middle then slow back at the end. if you try to keep your pace according to the beat you will be slowing and increase your pace every 3 min in average.

I chose house music from DJsRadioShow. House music gives you the speed needed and will not take your mind off the road to concentrate on the lyrics. Also, because these shows designed to be played in public it has a gradual increase of speed. You can copy on your pace. Shows duration are between 1 hour and 2 hours. long enough to let you finish your course without switching to other songs.

Do you run with music or with surrounding sounds?

What kind of music do you use? and how do you prepare for it?

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