Nahda wlkway track surrounded by trees

Nahda walkway – Running tracks

Nahda walkway is maybe the best track in the city, the only track that runs through a park. you will find green landscape from both sides. trees surround the track which filters some of the exhaust and sound and peeking eyes of the drivers. the track has smooth curves all over it, you will never get the board running a straight line. also, it goes under and above. while you will go under bridges and find yourself running from a fountain. also kids areas all over the place.

Nahda walkway

Early morning is the best time to run

The track is divided into 2 parts. the south part is for families only. and the north part is for singles only. while if you chose to run in the early morning and late night, you will not find a difference because families want to visit the basketball court in the singles part. and some single men may accompany their children to the kids areas in the south part.

Try to stay away from the track for the weekend, when families will gather all around the park with their outdoor grills and noise. running the inn that busy track full of families grilling. in addition, to the irritation, you will get for breathing the smoke of a grilled chicken or a shisha. or just burning wood that they use to make tea and coffee. you may be forced by males or police to leave the track because it’s for families only. and if you are a woman or a male accompanied by a woman…. well I don’t recommend in the busy times, that will not be a wise choice.

The best time to run this awesome track is in the early morning between 7 and 10 am. streets will be empty and also you will not find many people in the track. some quite families, young men with their dogs. or expats practicing basketball in the court.

What I usually do and don’t recommend it to anyone as its a dangerous move and I can’t be accounted for recommending this for someone. I run the families track from south to north. between the families track and the singles track there is a highway of 4 lanes from each direction. but this point is a traffic light. after finishing the families track, I wait for the lights to go red then cross the street running to the other track of the singles. complete a singles loop then go back to the families section again to finish the 6.7 km loop.

Nahda walkway track description

Location: Nahdah Rd, Ar Rabwah, Riyadh 12823

Family section loop is 3.17 km

Elevation: 15m total elevation. while inside the track, there is some hills

Nahda walkway elevation

Total elevation

Singles track loop is 3.5 km

Elevation: 15m total elevation. while inside the track, their is some hills


Total distance is 6.7 km

Total Elevation: 15m total elevation. while inside the track, there is some hills

Nahda park pollution

The only pollution in the park is what the visitors burn to prepare food or drink or just to smoke a shisha.

Park timing

Early morning if you wish to hustle both parks.

Stay away from the weekends and from noon to night in all days to avoid getting harassed by the visitors.

Nahda walkway width

some parts of the walkway are dual traffic, and some are split with trees. however in the early morning, I never find more than 3 persons at the same time walking the track. don’t worry about it if you are running the early morning.

Park utilities


Males and females toilets available on the track.

Nahda walkway singles section

sign to mark the singles section

Supermarkets and restaurants available on the other side of the road. you must cross to get them


Always consider Safe Road running tips

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