Running group in Saudi

Running in Saudi Arabia

This page is dedicated for running in Saudi Arabia.
If you are a runner or athlete of any kind you will find running in Saudi fun.

while traveling to Saudi i was in doubt that i’ll will not find running locations because of all the rumors about how strict is the country.

This blog is to give you true image about Running the roads of Saudi.

First we must clarify the below points;

Running Locations

Saudi is full of walkways and parks, you can find a park in every neighborhood. however parks and walkways size differ from one location to the other.
It’s actually called a walkway because most of the people their just walk. don’t expect to see many runners, but their is some.


as Saudi is a large land, weather will vary from one city to another.
If you are Running along the west coast cities. You will find hot weather with high humid in summer, and warm weather with moderate humid in the winter.
The east cities are cold in winter and hot in summer, with moderate humid all year.
Central region is very dry cold in the winter and dry hot in the summer.

Running Dress code


If you are a woman and will run in public you must wear your abbaya on.
Public running for women is not a common thing, however you can notice some in Nahda walkway of Jeddah.


As for males it varies from one location to other.
Your sweatpants and t shirts are the best option, but if you are going for long runs or speed runs where you want more freedom you can wear shorts.
sleeveless shirts, and tight shorts are not preferred.
T shirt and near knee shorts is the best option you can go with.

More information will be added soon keep an eye on the blog.

Note: this information is not official and its only for reference.

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