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Running Track – King Fahd medical city

Running Summary

One of the Biggest Running tracks in Riyadh. This track runs around the King Fahd medical city, the track is three sided in a shape of an equal triangle. each side is a bit more than 1 Km, and total track side is 3.6 KM, You will find 2 hills while running the tract one is an increase of 10m and the other is 12m. highest elevation point of the track is 612 m above sea. no obvious wind is blowing in the track as its surrounded by building and on your side is always the wall of the Medical city. The track doesn’t contain any beautiful view, however you will always be seeing palm trees on one side and the Medical city wall/fence on the other side. while planted flowers and trees gives a nice color to the track in addition to

Running track of KFMC

Running track of KFMC

the smell. People living in the area of the track always go their for a walk, so if you are running in the time frame of afternoon to night (3:00mo – 12:00pm) you will encounter many walkers that cover the whole pedestrian. but the width of the pedestrian is fairly enough to hold all walkers/runners. except for the north side when the pedestrian gets little smaller you will have to watch for walkers, and dodge them. The Medical city has 5 gates, so watch out will passing those gates as you might find cars going in or out of the gates. if you feel that you are in the need of water you can store your bottle next to any palm tree and it will be still their in your next lap. Or you can find boxes of bottled water left on the side of the pedestrian by nice locals, who do this to help the Runners/Walkers hydrate, Don’t be shy to pick one bottlel but make sure you throw it in one of the recycle bins.

Location: Makkah Al Mukarramah Rd, Prince Abdulaziz Ibn Musaid Ibn Jalawi St, As Sulimaniyah

Distance: 1 Lap is 3.6 KM

Elevation of KFMC Running track

Elevation of Maximum 12 m

Elevation: 2 slow elevations, the highest one is 12 meters

Pollution: Moderate traffic cars around, You can meet a car that is going in or out of the medical city, so watch out when you are crossing the gates

Timing: Best running time is early morning.

Width; track is wide enough to accommodate everyone,except that it gets narrow in the north side.

Utilities: Male and female public toilets available in the north side, Near by restaurants, Coffee shops and juice bars.

All provided information are according to personal experience.

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