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Safely running Saudi Roads SRSR

Safely Running the Street is one of the most fun and accessible thing you can do in Saudi (If you are a male)

For Females it’s another story, we are going to talk about it in the next topic (Stay Tuned)

Finding a Running track in Saudi is not a hard thing as in Every Neighborhood you are going to find a Walkway that you can use for Running. Distance and characteristics of each walkway differs. You can follow us for reviews about all the walkways of Saudi.

In this article we are going to talk about how to start safely Running the streets of Saudi.

Running outfit

Safely running in the walkway

Jeddah Running Collective

Running Shorts is your best friend if you are a runner. I bet that you have more Running shorts than boxers in your wardrobe. Running shorts Differ in size, Style and length. While Running Saudi stay with the longer baggy shorts. Split shorts and tights are not for public running. As you will be considered calling for adultery. Try to find dark colors however reflectors will be of important to be noticed by others in the street. The longer the short the better as knees should be covered as per Islamic law.

For the tops. Sleeveless shirts can also send you to jail. And skinny shirts will make lots of eyes and fingers pointed to you. To stay away from troubles, Have a nice lose dark colored shirt. try to minimize pictures and written text as it may spark a conversation that you don’t need.

Running shoes and socks will not have an impact, chose what ever makes you feel good.

Running safely

Street runners are not a common thing in Saudi so drivers and bystander don’t know what to do if they face a runner.

Try to stay clear of the pavement. As cars wont event notice you. Saudi street are wide with a high speed limit. it’s common to notice that cars drive in an average speed of 80kmh. Try not to get in their way. Run facing the traffic to be aware of cars passing by.

The bystander or other walkers in the walkway are not used to find runners among them. Keeping aligned by one side of the track (left or right) and stick to this side will save you effort, energy and give you peace of mind. as people will try to avoid you.

Safely Running street

Jeddah Running Collective Keeping one side of the street

However sometimes people will insist to get in your way. Tn this case change your lane far before you encounter the other passers. to give them heads up that you are now in the new lane and you won’t leave it.

If you find a fellow runner give him a small head nod. to support each other, that is how we support each other.

Women in Saudi gets some kind of special treatment. you are not to talk to any woman in the street. Never get to close to a woman.

If you listen to music while running, Try to keep the volume moderate to know if their is unusual sound around you.

The tracks are open 24/7 as its a non-gated public spaces. During Prayer times, you will notice that men are lesser than women in the track. While passing the praying area of the track, please keep all noise down. Unplug your earbuds to show respect for the Prayer.

Try to join one of the local Running clubs in Saudi as they will provide you with safely running sessions and you will get a better knowledge about the city.


If you are crossing a gate or w street. Which might happen event if you are on a track. Keep an eye on the cars coming in or out. Always consider that they wont stop for you. if they did you can pass waiving them a sign of thanks.


Road running is not an easy sport everywhere i

n the world. their is also other factors to consider. Following this tips you will minimize the risk of getting in trouble. But you always must follow the international Road running safety tips.

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