West side of the Swedy Track

Swedy Park – Track review

Swedy Park, It’s a cool off track that you can find in the South West of Riyadh. 1.4 km long with only 4m elevation. You will find it easy to have a couple of laps. But watch out as you will be crossing the park gate which is very busy with cars going in and out. A park is a social place so you will find many families, Mothers and kids around you. Keep and eye on the kids as they are running and you might bump in one of them. You will find Streets stalls that sell food and drinks along the way. the downside that they are using burning wood to prepare the hot drinks which create many fumes as you are passing by them.

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Ad Duraihimiyah, Riyadh 12791


1.41 km

Swedy park North side

Swedy park North side


4 m


Low, Fumes from street stalls. Car traffic is not heavy


The track has good light so it won’t be a problem running at night or day.


South Side of the Swedy Track

South Side of the Swedy Track

Runners and walkers are very few in the location, So it’s not crowded even in the narrow areas.


No public toilets, but you can visit the restaurants or mall just across the street. Or the mosque.

Street stalls and restaurants just across the street will provide you with anything you need.


Always consider Safe running tips while running in Saudi

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