Youtube is better than Tv in Saudi
Youtube is more famous than the national TV in Saudi Arabia. The national TV of Saudi you will only see religious programs and news. But the nation wants more. They […]

5 Reasons Youtube is better than Saudi TV

Energy campaign banner
Energy consumption in Saudi is more than the world average. Due to the very cheap price of energy, Locals never faced problem in paying the energy bills, even when they […]

Energy rationalization campaign, Case Study

Checking Snapchat 2 hours daily
Snapchat, You can find it all over the Saudi country. People everywhere are Snapping. They document their life Through the less than a Minute videos and pictures. Telling a story […]

Snapchat, Easier than telling the story

Al-Arabiya-Art-Gallery Billboard
Billboards exists in Saudi, but not like every other country in the world. For some reason Saudi government decided that they will decrease the Billboards in all Saudi streets. They […]

Billboards; The Banned World records

Instgram Posts from AB timeline
Lack of social life and entertainment in Saudi makes people more hocked up on social media. That is one of the reasons Saudi use Twitter more than anyone on earth and […]

Instagram, Saudi best store of everything