VIPKID – Earn Money working as English teacher from Home

Work from home. If you are free, or if you have some free time you can use. with VIPKID you will work as an English teacher for Chinese kids. it gives you the liberty to decide what hours you want to work and when. As you might have free time in Saudi. you can use some of them to earn extra cash.

How VIPKID takes the stress out of teaching


VIPKID is a website that provides Chinese kids with an International learning experience. The customers are kids with 4-12 years. and they are keen to provide an immersive one-on-one English language instruction provided online.

Teachers and Curriculum

The Curriculum uses a flipped-classroom approach to foster critical thinking and creativity skills.

Teachers are high qualified English speakers with an awesome attitude

Eligibility to work for VIPKID

to be eligible to work for VIPKID you must have

  1. Bachelor Degree
  2. Living in one of the approved countries
  3. Have Acess to a computer with Webcam and stable internet equipment

Funny moments with VIPKID

How to Apply

Applying process is easy but it’s in multiple steps. VIPKID want to make sure every teacher is meeting the standards they promise.

  1. You fill down the application form
  2. Schedule an online interview
  3. complete your training – Then you are ready to go


yes, we all work for the money. The amount of money paid is fair enough. You can expect to get paid from $ 7-14 per hour. You can decide a number of hours you want to invest in the program. At least 7.5 hours must be delivered weekly.


To Know more about the program and sign up process check this Video from our favorite Vlogger Kenya


Getting ready for your interview



Please remember one thing. You are teaching kids. and this is a great responsibility. if you feel that you will not fulfill the position or can’t commit to it. Please don’t waste the kids time.

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